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The need for instant communications is at the heart of wireless requirements in the hospital environment. The emergency nature of hospital work requires radios that are lightweight, but operate within military hospital-securityspecifications. Radios are more convenient and reliable than trying to access the radio user by phone or pager. Each department will have its own channel and will have the capability of contacting other departments by switching channels on his/her radio. Multi-channel radios are essential when privacy is needed. Comfort in communication can be achieved with accessories such as a speaker/microphone. This allows the radio to be worn on the belt with the microphone attached to the shirt and communicate by pushing a button on the side of the microphone.


Radios alone cannot do all the work; the need for a Repeater system to achieve maximum signal penetration may be required. Hospitals have large amounts of concrete and metal, which can “soak up” a signal and make communication between radios haphazard. A Base-Station radio can be installed in a fixed location to facilitate communicating between portable radios and Repeater. Most hospitals utilize Repeater systems to provide adequate coverage between the different departments.



Casinos have special communication needs. Advanced Communications will come out to your location to diagnose any system challenges. Every casino has different needs due to the size, landscape, building structure, and departments in need of communications. Large casinos have installed multiple repeater systems in order to meet the demanding communication that is needed on a daily basis. Below are some suggestions for casinos or entertainment centers that are considering a repeater system.casino-security

What should you know when deciding on a Communication System? The best way to start is to evaluate three issues.

1) Plan where your Casino will be in five years; more on-site growth, more buildings, more employees?

2) Have one contact person and assistant that knows two-way radios and communications systems. They should be responsible for managing the equipment.

3) Make sure casino employees are trained properly on the features of the radios. This includes the proper operation of audio accessories including ear and speaker microphones.

We offer FREE training to employees and managers. It is important to maintain radios and make sure they are in good working condition, and it all starts with employees. We recommend a daily check-in to stay “on top” of any concerns. Portable radios may be programmed with many talk channels in order to communicate between departments or individuals. Employees can switch channels to contact different departments and the radios can be programmed on with the departments they need to talk to.



The communication of radios in the manufacturing environment is essential to the productivity of the business. Operators, employees, and supervisors need to keep in close contact to avoid potential hazards. Often manufacturing can expose radios to harsh chemicals or processing materials. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a radio that can stand up to these conditions. Another problem that the manufacturing environment imposes is noise. With heavy equipment it is sometimes hard to communicate effectively. We offer many options to solve this problem.factory

Success in this industry depends on two things: efficiency and responsiveness. Bar code scanners allow you to manage inventory accurately and cost effectively. Clear communication, often in noisy environments, is essential to avoid downtime and to enable the fastest response to production problems or injuries. Advanced Communications has the know-how to provide your team the system and tools to keep your manufacturing or warehouse facility running at an optimum level.

Manufacturers have discovered the benefits of two-way radios for effective, affordable on-site communications. With improvements in technology, two-way radios today provide significantly better voice quality, durability, and features than radios in years past.


Depending on how big a warehouse or your facility is, you may need to install a repeater system. Steel and concrete can “soak up” a signal and make communication between radios poor. A repeater system will alleviate some of the signal penetration problems that may arise.



Two-way radios are an essential part of any golf course. They provide communication for maintenance and management. When purchasing radios, you need to consider distance of communication, the environment the radios will be used (such as in rain, cold, or hot weather), and also how many channels will be needed, based on how many departments need to communicate. Extra batteries, attachments for discreet (private) communication, holsters and/or hard leather cases are accessories that will make the radio more comfortable to use and carry.golf_security

Call boxes are a great way to increase efficiency on the golf course. Call boxes are easily integrated into an existing two-way system and allow clear voice communication along with location identifiers to golf course personnel. Whether it’s requesting services or alerting maintenance workers of an emergency, your customers will have no quicker communication with golf course staff than with a call box.

Repeater Systems

Most large golf courses need repeater systems to give them the full coverage necessary for proper communications. Rough or extended terrain inhibits coverage even with the most powerful radios; consequently a repeater system may be needed to provide a wider area of coverage.



Radios are used continuously in the hotel-motel enterprise. They are needed in different departments: Front Desk, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Food Distribution, Groundskeeping, Valet Parking and Security. Multiple radios will be needed to accommodate their needs. These radios can be used with attachments, including audio earpieces to keep conversations private, extra batteries, fast battery chargers, and carrying cases. Security departments will make the most use of these options.topradio2

Repeater System

Larger hotels will require coverage area that cannot be fulfilled with radios alone. A repeater system may be needed to extend coverage to floors and basements for a particular department. Multiple repeaters may be needed for other departments with coverage issues. The basement of most hotels is the hardest to cover from higher floors and repeaters are used on a daily basis to provide communication. Basement to top floor coverage in a high-rise environment may also require system configuration.


Two-Way Radio Rentals

Whether it’s a national convention or an unexpected turn out to an event, our two way radio rental program offers an affordable solution to your communication needs. Advanced Communications Rental Department provides top quality two way radios. Our radio rental line includes major brands such as Kenwood, Motorola, and Vertex. Advanced Communications rents VHF, UHF, 800 MHz, Conventional, and Trunked radios. Short or long term walkie talkie rentals are available at a moment’s notice, in quantities ranging from 2-100 units.
To meet your walkie talkie rental needs call 1-800-494-6442 or 1-760-781-3131 to speak with a Communications Consultant.(Product Models and Rates subject to Availability)



No two schools are exactly alike. At Advanced Communications, we understand that your school has unique and challenging characteristics that set it apart from every other school, both for the students and for the faculty. From classrooms and courtyards to intricate maintenance schedules that can be difficult to maintain, developing a seamless communications system can turn into quite a headache.

Two-way radios are an essential part of Education. Before purchasing radios, there are a few questions you should ask in order to determine the best radio for your needs.education-communications

Does your school require instant communication in the event of a campus emergency?
Our hand selected lines of two-way products are designed to work in every situation, regardless of outside power.

Are employees using radios in a High Noise environment, like a cafeteria or playground?
Our radios are designed with excellent sound quality and range, so communication comes in loud and clear.

What is the size and construction of your school?
Advanced Communications provides expert advice on radio systems. You may need a free diagnostic visit from a communication solutions expert.

Recent events in classrooms and on college campuses nationwide have heightened the need for better campus security. In an emergency situation, public safety from multiple agencies and jurisdictions must find a way to work together. Day Wireless can provide interoperability equipment to allow seamless communication connecting varying systems and devices.

Call boxes are a great way to increase safety on campus. Call boxes are easily integrated into an existing two-way system and allow clear voice communication along with location identifiers to security personnel. Whether it’s requesting security escort through campus late at night or alerting security officers of an emergency, your students will have no quicker communication to public safety than with a call box.

Our goal is to simplify your communication system setup with free on-site inspections and easy-to-read project explanations from our Communications Consultants. You shouldn’t have to worry about your communication system… that’s our job. Whether you’re in the market for radios, radio systems, wireless security, wireless internet, or a diagnosis of your situation, Advanced Communications has a solution for you. Call us toll free at (800) 494-6442 for a list of satisfied schools and universities that we service and for your no obligation on-site inspection.


Retail Solutions

Let Wireless Radio Help Make the Registers Ring.

Many retailers have discovered the benefits of working with Advanced Communications for effective, affordable on-site employee and customer communications. Responsive service is essential to sales and customer satisfaction. Our solutions make responsiveness easier to achieve, whether it’s an answer to a customer’s question, a price check, a cleanup, or an emergency. With clear, constant communication ensured, all employees can make the most of their time.retail

Two-way radios are fast, efficient, and affordable. Whether you need a lightweight, light-duty radio, or a rugged stock room radio, we can help you find what you want.

For the mall environment, call boxes placed in large parking lots will increase the safety and customer service for your shoppers. With instant communication to a security monitor, you will be able to assist with problems large or small

Call boxes provide a swift and reliable way for employees, visitors and customers to communicate to a monitoring station. Two-way based call boxes allow for integration into most existing radio systems and provide direct access to personnel connected to the system. Connectivity’s design allows for expansion of security coverage and can help improve response time without the need for additional personnel. Call boxes provide an affordable and reliable way to communicate with and secure the most remote locations.


Contruction Solutions

The construction industry is fast-paced; you don’t want a lack of communication to slow you down. With help from Advanced Communications, you can easily coordinate manpower and material and keep your project on schedule and in budget.construction-communications

Two-way radios are made to be durable. They are rated by military standards, are measured on water/dust intrusion, and are known to last 10-15 years. Radios are able to handle the wear and tear of the construction industry.

Wireless or IP video offers a quick method to deploy job site security and/or surveillance solutions. Wireless video often costs just a fraction of the price of wired formats. Cameras are connected via an IP network and digital video recorder software captures the video on a standard PC platform. You are able to monitor your job site from any PC on the network or Internet.

In-Building Signal Boosters

Have you ever walked into a building and noticed you have “no bars” on your cell phone? Unfortunately, the same rules of physics apply for all types of radio frequency (RF) communication. Many cities are writing wireless ordinance codes (similar to sprinkler requirements) in order to guarantee proper communication in buildings for public safety during an emergency. Dense building material such as concrete and metal greatly reduce the ability of RF waves to penetrate throughout a structure. Call Advanced Communications today for a free wireless site survey.


Public Safety Products

Most first responders from local communities to Federal Government agencies rely on Kenwood Products for their mission critical wireless communications and we, at Advanced Communications, are proud to represent the wireless leader in public safety radio. Today, as the focus shifts from notification and response towards prevention and detection, the need for integrated wireless systems has never been greater. Everyday Kenwood continues to meet this challenge, integrating 2-way radio, microwave, fiber optic trunks, with 911, CAD, mobile data applications, and remote databases. We are proven. And we’re getting better everyday.public-safety-communications

Our Public Safety Solutions Include:

  • Project 25 Two-Way Radios
  • Rugged Notebook Computers
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Mobile Data
  • Mobile Video
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • Vehicle Build-Outs

Our Goal at Advanced Communications: To build the most powerful Mission Critical Solution.

True interoperability — Instant communication and data sharing enabling agencies to communicate as one.

Critical networks — Always available, operating as a lifeline to keep all responders in contact with up-to-date-information everyday and especially during a crisis.

Mission critical data — The power of pre-emptive intelligence to facilitate informed, rapid response by means of secure information distributed by ‘always available’ networks.

It starts with planning and integration — Kenwood seamlessly dovetails planning, program management, civil integration issues, wireless networking, and system staging through final testing for mission critical systems across the country.

And expertly supported — Kenwood provides ongoing system monitoring of our mission critical solution, manning support centers, managing maintenance and enhancement as the organization grows. And continually supplying training as needs change and technology evolves.

In order to create a Secure Homeland — With an integrated wireless network, agencies can respond effectively to the daily requests for support to the most critical situations.


Restaurant Solutions

Restaurants have very special communication needs. Our goal at Advanced Communications is to be your resource for wireless communications equipment and accessories, specifically designed for the culinary, hospitality and catering industries. We intend to provide useful combinations of equipment tested in your environment which will improve your productivity and profitability.

Serve guests faster, increase table turns and reduce walk-aways by increasing the efficiency of your kitchen and food servers through instant verbal communication via two-way portable radio with discreet ear pieces. Maintain a more quiet atmosphere by eliminating overhead paging. Locate guests more quickly thus decreasing your table turns and by minimizing wait times.restaurant

The 66 Minute Hour

Consider this. Being radio/ear mic equipped in the restaurant industry makes you 10 % more efficient, saving 6 minutes per hour. Take it one step further—put a value on your hourly time. What’s 10% of your hourly labor costs? A 66 minute hour? That’s right. Saved steps, improved communications, greater efficiency and a better product adds up to better customer satisfaction and ultimately, increased profitability.

Whether you are the wedding planner, caterer, restaurant front end or executive chef working to set hot food to the table, let Advanced Communications work with you to help your business with its communications needs.