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The GPH-CMD portable combines proven rock solid reliability with extreme versatility and ease of use. The radio can be customized to provide the range of functions you need to meet specific situations and requirements. You can build a 20 channel command group from any of the programmed channels up to 500 capacity. Clone to and from other CMD radios, program using windows based software or program in the field using DTMF keypad. CMD also uses advanced engineering techniques which means lower current drain than other portable radios and longer battery life per battery charges/changes. This radio is used and approved by California Department of Forestry as well as Fire & CDF Departments nationally.

  • 500 Channels Total, 25 User Groups, 20 Channels Per Group

  • 136-174 Mhz VHF Expanded Frequency Range

  • 5 Watts High Power, 1.5 Watts Low Power Selectable

  • 12 Character Dot Matrix Alphanumeric Display

  • Enhanced Keypad Simplifies Programming in the Field

  • On-Demand Command Group Programming

  • Cloning Technology Transfers Programming to Other Radios

  • Upgradable to Digital APCO P25 and Software Enhancements

  • Tough Weatherproof Design and MIL-STD-810 Standard Approved By California Dept. of Forestry

  • Optional 19-Hour High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery


Specially engineered for managing multi-unit, wide-area emergency response, the new DPH-CMD puts you in command with 500 channels, 25 users groups with up to 20 channels per group, and true digital-Analog Mixed-Mode Operations. Loaded with robust feature sets and ddvanced functionality, yet easy to use, customize and program, the DPH-CMD combines proven rock-solid reliability with extreme versatility. It offers a new command group feature that allows you to create a custom command group on the fly, a user pick list of 32 code guard tones for field selection, a new enhanced two-line display, and a new keypad for simplified field programming - Plus Tactical Scan Group, cloning and FLASH Technology.

  • 5 Watts or 2 Watts RF Output Selectable

  • 500 Channels Total, 25 User Groups, 20 Channel Per Groups Digital-Analog Mixed Frequencies

  • 136-174 MHz VHF Expanded Frequency Range

  • Channel and Priority (dual priority) Scan, Talkback Scan

  • PC, in the Field Programming and Cloning With DTMF Keypad

  • Meets or Exceeds APCO P25 Specifications, Including FDMA Common Air Interface Compatibility, Emergency Group

  • Calls, and Unit-to-Unit Calls With Auto-Callback

  • Weatherproof Design Meets Tough MIL-STD 810 and Approved by The Calif. Dept. of Forestry

  • Longer Life Between Battery Charges/Changes - Over 19 Hours With High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery


The new Bk Radio KNG P-Series performance surpasses that of all others "best" radios. It meets or exceeds APCO Project 25 specifications, and even raises the bar on TIA output, yet is smaller and lighter (16 oz), so it's ideal for governent and military personnel who want their communications devices to be inconspicuous. The KNG P-Series assures uninterrupted interoperability across frequencies, different groups of responders, and variations in terrain. Also IP67 Dust tight, immersion up to 3 feet and Military 810 C/D/E/F Standards. Portable come's in four different frequency ranges to meet your communication needs.

  • Full 6-watts RF Power Output VHF Model

  • 136-174 / 380-470 / 400-520 / 763-870 Frequency Ranges

  • 512 Max Channels and up to 63 Zones

  • High Capacity 1950mAh Li-Ion Battery

  • 18+ Hours of Operation Per Charge

  • Customize keypad and multi-line display

  • Signal Strength(RSSI) and Battery Indicators

  • USB PC Windows Software Programming

  • In-Field Programming with DTMF Keypad

  • RS-232 radio-to-radio cloning in minutes

  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F Standards

  • IP67 dust tight/immersion up to 1 meter depth


50-watt mobile radio. The GMH is PC-programmable, field-programmable, and with flex-mode capability may be programmed by channel and/or by group. Selectable tones by DTMF keypad, loud front speaker, easy to use, easy to customize to your specific requirements. The BK radio GMH mobile radio is packed with everything you need and then some. Highest performance at an affordable price, the GMH also symbolizes the RELM Advantage: more radio for your dollar.

  • 15 to 50 Watts RF Power Output

  • 240 Channels Total, 15 User Groups, 16 Channels Per Group

  • 136-174 Mhz VHF Wide Frequency Range

  • Programmable softkeys and Options, Programmable Smart Mic

  • Dash Mount or Remote Mount Configurations

  • Cloning Technology Enables Transferring of Programming to Other GMH Radios

  • Channel, Priority, Dual Priority, Group, and Talkback Scanning

  • Enhanced Built-in CTCSS/CDCSS Code Guard For Finding Best Signal Path Without Changing Channels

  • Vacuum Florescent Alphanumeric Display- Easy to See

  • Upgradable With Addition of Unique Components to Digital APCO P25

  • Rock-solid reliability - meets rugged MIL-STD 810 specs


The 50-Watt  BK Radio D Series Digital. These DMH mobile radios are now joined with the DPH digital portable radios to complete the highest-tier Digital BK Radio product line. Also field-programmable for easy customization in any location/situation. Programmable for Digital, Analog, or Mixed Mode Operation with Automatic Mode Detection and Talkback. Meet or Exceeds APCO P25 Specifications Including Interoperability. Windows Based Programming and Customizing Options.

  • APCO Project 25 - Meets or exceeds highest specs

  • 136-174 MHz VHF

  • 400 channels, 25 user groups, 16 channels per group

  • Superior audio quality and clarity

  • 15-50 watts programmable RF power

  • DMH 5992x - standard dash-mount configuration

  • DMH 5992R - remote-mount configuration

  • DES/AES encryption options

  • Rock-solid reliability. Meets Tough MID-STD

  • Digital, Analog, and Mixed-Mode Operations on each channel plus Automatic Mode Detection

  • Cloning technology transfers information from one radio to another radio automatically

  • FLASH technology enables future enhancements without hardware changes, instead adding software capabilities quickly and easily

  • Ultra-Secure Multi-Level Password Programming Protection Field and Computer Options


Plug and Play – The Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater (RDPR) is designed to extend range and to facilitate inter operability with other radio platforms used in the Military. Mounted in a small, mobile and durable pelican case, the repeater is man portable or can be mounted in a vehicle. The repeater connects any two radios of the same type to double their effective range, or up to three different types to function as a Translator.

The RDPR can be a self contained unit, endlessly powering and recharging itself (weather permitting). Choose from one of our three foldable solar panel options: 20Watt, 60Watt, 90Watt.

Carry your RDPR and accessories in a portable carrying case with 12 specially designed slots to hold your portable radios (RDRCC). We also offer a larger carrying case (RDRRCC) specially designed to hold your RDPR and it’s accessories, such as the solar panel, tripod, cables, etc. This case is durable, portable, and very popular with the US Military.

Get more out of your RDPR with the High Power Option, boosting the unit to 45 Watts of RF Output. This option allows for increased range and is frequency specific as it includes an amplifier.

  • Cross Mode (Analog – Digital P25)

  • Cross Band (HF/VHF/UHF/700/800 MHz)

  • Cross Protocol (Conventional – Trunking)

  • High Power Option Available

  • Solar Panel Option Available


The DRH-01-100 is a rack mount APCO P25 repeater. This unit is capable of passing on encrypted messages, versatile in design, and is built to last. End users have the option of AC or DC power supplies and have full control over the DRH with BK’s intuitive software. Program and modify the unit to your specifications on your PC by way of USB. After programming, receive and transmit LED lights will confirm the repeater’s day in and day out operation. The DRH-01-100 is built for your convenience at a price fit for today’s budget.

  • 50 / 100 Watts Transmit Output

  • Desktop Standard with Rack Mount Options


Meet the KNG Series Base Station, the industry’s first base station radio with a touch screen display. The KNG Series Base Station offers exceptional features in a standard size package for both mid and high power applications. Offered in four frequency bands and two power options, 50 or 100 watt, the KNG Series Base Station is smart and easy to customize to fit your everyday needs.

  • 2048 Channels, Dynamic Zones

  • USB or Mobile Programmability

  • Mixed-mode Operation

  • Custom Menu System

  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G

  • Text Messaging

  • Alpha-numeric Touch Screen Display

  • Small Package High and Mid Power

  • Birdie Free

  • 256 Programmable Quick Call ID’s

  • Problem Prevention Features

  • DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.60 Vocoder

  • Emergency Signaling